“Modern Building” as the virtual Expo & Conference of the construction and technology industry. As initiator of the platform MeineRaumluft my lecture on “Indoor-Air as food.”

Again with input on diverse business models at the “Founders Lab-Creative Industries”. Sometimes i had to raise my hand to point out. Professionally through the day thanks to the startup service team of the Vienna Business Agency

“PrimaBüroKlima” – an initiative against bad air in German offices and home offices. The German Institute for Modern Office Work DIMBA together with our platform MeineRaumluft.at

“Cool school” is the motto of our 8th Austrian school competition “Luftsprung”. The winners from the federal states on MeineRaumluft.at

Professional video communication becomes a decisive factor for the success of your sales team. Our VideoChatCheck helps, cost and time efficient > References and offer on request.

“…sell one own grandmother”, this saying is still valid today. thanks to digital, this sales deal is faster, but also trickier. not only founders and startups wanted to learn this, but also me to update myself. in the masterclass zero21 the “arc of sales” was so tightened that some of the mouths stayed open longer.

marketing and sales

Over the last few years, contributing to the development of marketers has been a professional concern for me as a board member of MarketingClub Austria. It is a personal priority for me to accompany the dedicated “High-Potential Marketers” as a mentor and sponsor in developing their competence.

Marketing High Potentials

I won’t reveal my creative strategic thought process even under intensive interrogation. The CIA will have to continue to make do with their few ‘out-of-the-box methods’. The whole story in German: http://bit.ly/3trickytricks_CIA

strategic marketing by CIA

David Startup and Corporate Goliath – two cultures, two goals – to create a joint market you need to take stock… and a strategic look at customers and markets. A lounge lecture by the Austrian Angel Investors’ Association, titel “Critical analysis of corporate innovation & startups”.

corporates and startups

Office climate influences the working and long-term the corporate environment. As a guest speaker in Fulda, Germany, even my mouth is parched from dry indoor-air at the events hall. A retrospective in German: https://lnkd.in/dnxpuR7