Salesforce internal use of salesforce. the complex use of crm in marketing as a seminar topic, complex & impressive.

Marketers, don’t leave the digital know-how in your campaigns to agencies! As a board member in Marketingclub Austria, I am satisfied with my further digital training and the parallel quality control during our course > crashkurs digital marketing,

A suitcase as a magnet for visitors! The international children’s book author Thomas Brezina has created a world of adventure for a change. This marketing-plan(e) of Vienna Airport is really taking off.

One cannot bind him, but one can groom him and look after him. This is not a secret, but often a mystery. @ customer strategy meeting, Prague.

This smart sensor-sole is now ready for the market and my job as a marketing consultant, from market strategy to product launch, thus completed. One of the first pre-orders from crowdfunding already went to Japan. My client stappone on the go!

Start up of batch #4 of LeitnerLeitner’s accelerator program; as a mentor I had the pleasure to participate for the third time. Most of my comments In the workshops focussed on positioning and target group.

Marketing for & with sales! Interlocked instead of parallel is guaranteed to lead to more market success. My development and support of sales-oriented marketing strategy has been confirmed for years – and here again at the Vienna Sales Lounge.

This year I decided to support start/scale-up investors more intensively as a marketing accelerator; in 2001 I decided to accompany SMEs as a marketing consultant – both times here at the Panorama Alm, from a front row seat with complete overview.

A market leader can celebrate ‘100 years of Romania’ all day long, but at the end of that day he still has to work: this time by selling the event-sales concept “people2people”, instead of “product2people”.

Is the air thick with last-minute Xmas preparations?
Take a deep breath and read our guide to more healthy air at home, in the office and at school, free of charge. The first German language version was presented on the “day of healthy indoor air”.