3. IndoorAir-Summit DACH, September 27, 2023 :: An exclusive opportunity for visionaries and decision-makers from the fields of architecture, building technology, construction, real estate and investment @indoorairsummit.com

An authentic personal brand is built on clarity. Personal growth not only boosts self-confidence but also conveys an authentic image in your professional environment. As a strategic consultant and startup mentor, I consistently emphasize: True personal branding requires personal development beyond mere professional expertise – anything else remains incomplete.

In today’s digital world, many things are achievable, but not everything. Maintaining personal connections has regained significance, especially through participation in analog networks. Taking inspiration from Vespa and its communities, you can foster loyalty among your employees, customers, and business partners by creating a distinctive and enriching experience.

Do you have a mission to impact the world with your innovative product or service? All you need is a little boost? My external perspective as a mentor and input provider can help to develop a better customer centered approach, to optimize the business model or your salesmarketing. Meet me and other dedicated mentors Startup Live Festival “ViennaUp23”.

Even today, good spirits cannot be prohibited – just like back then. The motto “Prohibition”, a “Fasadeus” as an industry trophy, and 1,100 satisfied guests in Prague prove that lateral thinking is always important, even in my conception of this event.

A shared cooking experience creates the necessary trust to remain successful in business. test-cooking completed – under the self-chosen term “interdisciplinary cooking”, I offer exklusive cooking events at C-level, within companies or between business partners. As a former graduate of Modul and Klessheim, both tourismschools, my little back to the roots.

Together with 200+ other business leaders I’ll be sharing my experience and advice for the 7th time as a mentor as part of the global career mentoring program by the female factor. 🗓️ 6 months 👥 200+ mentors 💼 25+ industries 🌐 worldwide

Why and how siloing between sales, marketing and PM must be broken down. Different perspectives and a lack of understanding lead to less efficiency and effectiveness in market and customer processing….this is what the marketing students at the Fachhochschule St Pölten now know….and hopefully later find pleasure in the interdisciplinary work and sales in general.

Lafarge is a new partner of our platform MeineRaumluft.at. We have a common goal: a healthy building climate. In this way, Lafarge supports and strengthens the formation of awareness and opinion around the topic of a healthy indoor climate in the building industry. Indoorair, we care!

Final of the Talent Squared FAB Accelerator Program 2022 of the Modul University Vienna. During the program i input on business models and customer centricity. As appreciation, I received a certificate …great, what is often forgotten, small gestures often have a big effect!