You learn and you win. Yesterday the ‘Austrian State Prize for Marketing’ with Data&Facts. Today the ‘Austrian Event Award’ with Concept&Emotion; 1x Gold, 1x Bronze.

The winners of the 11th “Luftsprung” school competition have been announced! Creativity, curiosity and repetition promote an awareness of healthy indoor air from an early age >

Innovation in market and customer development goes beyond the horizon, it requires foresight.

As part of the “PrimaBüroKlima” initiative, our independent platform MeineRaumluft offers free, anonymous indoor air measurements for companies. As a participant, you promote a healthy indoor climate and at the same time the motivation of the employees and their attractiveness as an employer.

 12 startups, diligently chosen, hustled with dedication alongside 11 mentors and experts, organized by Startup Live Global. They showcased their groundbreaking products to the esteemed jury, investors, and enthusiastic attendees at the Final Pitches. ???? In one’s own journey, there is always room for learning, even for me as a mentor and focus-finder for business models.

At our 10th school competition ‘LUFTSPRUNG’ in Austria, students can submit their ideas for healthier indoor air under the motto ‘Fantastic Indoor Air Heroes!’. Further information  Indoor air, we care!

Leaders and decision-makers used our 3rd INDOORAIR SUMMIT to exchange ideas across sectors about a sustainable building and working world in planning, technology, construction and medicine #indoorairsummit

An authentic personal brand is built on clarity. Personal growth not only boosts self-confidence but also conveys an authentic image in your professional environment. As a strategic consultant and startup mentor, I consistently emphasize: True personal branding requires personal development beyond mere professional expertise – anything else remains incomplete.

In today’s digital world, many things are achievable, but not everything. Maintaining personal connections has regained significance, especially through participation in analog networks. Taking inspiration from Vespa and its communities, you can foster loyalty among your employees, customers, and business partners by creating a distinctive and enriching experience.

Do you have a mission to impact the world with your innovative product or service? All you need is a little boost? My external perspective as a mentor and input provider can help to develop a better customer centered approach, to optimize the business model or your salesmarketing. Meet me and other dedicated mentors Startup Live Festival “ViennaUp23”.