Avant-garde in art, as here in this film work, means breaking with precedents and developing new concepts. Sustainable advice is also an art. Only a few have mastered the avant-garde art of creative thinking and the feasibility of the concepts developed.

“Machs guet Harry!” As part of the partner meeting of our platform MeineRaumluft in Switzerland, Harry Tischhauser received a warm farewell. In 2016, he co-founded MeineRaumluft in Switzerland and built it up into a nationally known brand and recognized topic platform within six years. From mid-2022 he will be available to MeineRaumluft.ch as a mentor and source of inspiration.

Circling instead of turning in circles :: it’s already happening in the construction and real estate sector. Currently still top-down, starting from the big players in the industry, but their best practice helps everyone.  Including me, because sustainability and circular economy are already part of my strategy consulting for Startups, and soon with SME :: bottom-up.

There are communities that are digital self-starters or devoted self-drivers, like me. Nowadays, digital is many things, but not always everything. Particularly when it comes to maintaining business communities, belonging to an analog network is gaining in importance again.

A state prize in marketing is like red wine. The older it is, the better it gets…with a wink and a smile, I look back on mine and congratulate the winners of 2022….and all those who also uphold quality in customer centricity. Cheers!

“If you have trouble with small budgets, you won’t get anywhere with big ones either”…..free according to Albert Einstein, but in my professional practice it has been confirmed often enough. Talent Squared Startup Hub is the Start-Up Hub by Modul University Vienna, driven by an incubator and several accelerator programs.

The Demo Day of the Zero21 Acceleration Program took place in the Talent Garden, 10 innovative startups had the chance to present their projects to 15 investors and business angels yesterday.

on15air :: VideoPodCast < Get to know recognized pioneers of a healthy indoor climate from a completely new, personal perspective. Our innovative online format, unique in the German-speaking indoor spaces < MeineRaumluft.com

Well lubricated, my cube keeps turning … for a change of perspective on your business models, markets and customers.

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“Raumluft macht Schule”, the 3rd episode of our series of impulses, this time in Bern, Switzerland. The keynote by school director Marcel Sahli showed which questions and conflicts arise in connection with pedagogy and indoor air issues. More information on MeineRaumluft.at.