summer slump campaign 2016!
10 interested persons = 100 minutes = 1000 cent

/ start-ups, medium sized enterprises
/ optimization, sparring, impulses for marketing activities
/ consultation period 24-31.8, office vienna or by arrangement
/ short description and registration to:
/ with mail subject “summer slump”

Starting a new project? An old project is not taking off? Needing urgent feedback but receiving none?

Award of the B2B-Prize for the best diploma thesis at the institute of trade, sales and marketing at the JKU University, Linz, Austria. Proud to present the first prize in my official capacity as a juror and board member of the Industry Marketing Association Austria.

As of today I’ve been running my marketing consultancy in many branches and countries for 14 years… so that every client gets what the competitors never thought of. Happy birthday to my new and regular customers for their farsightedness!

Spoilt for choice after biz-meetings in Sweden: to gaze into the sky… or at the sea.