Our digital marketing/CRM project of a Romanian industrial company is “open-minded”, and therefore a source of mutual progress and joy.

“Fasadeus”, a trophy that received its name and basic concept from me… and was awarded to the most beautiful façades. Premiere in Prague/CZ, to be continued in…

(client Baumit, project manager Martin Omelka)

Digital transformation on the screen, analogue regeneration in the triangular bandage… and why, as so often, a standard presentation with corporate rather than customer value?!

Someone from the marketing&sales here? Let’s meet!

Consultancy project “sales campaign” in the South of England completed.
Now at the marketing week in London… Superstar digital marketing, many possibilities, but not all make sense.

The first official meeting of our Swiss platform MeineRaumluft took place in Bern. And what’s more, the first indoor-air measurements have been carried out in 60 school classes in the Canton of Zurich. It is still possible to register for participation via the website MeineRaumluft.ch.

Bats in the deepsnow flight over Bucharest?
Optimally that I don’t need ground traction in my Digital Marketing workshop!

An international SW-provider with a series of lectures on digital marketing & sales.. and who is present, almost only IT experts! Astonishing!

Confirmed in black&white at my marketing workshop with a Group’s Czech subsidiary in Prague: the Czech Republic also prefers colour in everyday life!

“Air as food”—with a daily consumption of approx. 15 kg air a plausible demand by our platform MeineRaumluft(at) as part of the well-attended press conference. Sasha Walleczek, the guest therapist and a well-known nutritionist in the German-speaking region, skilfully bridged the gap between food and air consumption.