At the general meeting of the Marketing Club Austria I was elected into the management board.
My focus is on modern marketing, I’m already active in the working group „Program 2019“.

Following Munich and Berlin, now the first ‘Vienna Startup Talk’. The host ‘Shpock’ provided insights into his Austrian-international success story.  As a startup-consultant and companion of ‘stappone’, the smartest insole, I am hoping for the same.

Skipping with joy at the meeting of our ‘‘ partners with good reason: a country-wide indoor-air appeal for a healthier indoors is being prepared.

Dear network, the project ‘digital sole’ is starting to take form and shape. Please support me in my marketing efforts or in the preparation for crowdfunding. Visit!

Our new partner:  Dyson.Heavy lifting alone will not turn a vacuum cleaner into an air purifier!In addition to cleaner floors, Dyson is now committing to cleaner air by offering innovative air treatment solutions… and will thus partner up with our platform

The higher up the lonelier, and the less time!Top managers need exchanges outside the company. My sparring is coaching with a difference: inspiring, stimulating, intuitive and spontaneously creative.

Our digital marketing/CRM project of a Romanian industrial company is „open-minded“, and therefore a source of mutual progress and joy.

„Fasadeus“, a trophy that received its name and basic concept from me… and was awarded to the most beautiful façades. Premiere in Prague/CZ, to be continued in…(client Baumit, project manager Martin Omelka)

Digital transformation on the screen, analogue regeneration in the triangular bandage… and why, as so often, a standard presentation with corporate rather than customer value?!

‪#cebit17Someone from the marketing&sales here? Let’s meet!